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    Seasoned managers realize that work performance is not just a function of the skills, qualifications and compensation given to the employee. The behavioural capabilities of the employee are the biggest factors, referred to loosely as attitude, personality, character, etc. These behaviour patterns also affect the way in which individuals approach life in general and the results that they achieve. At Transforminds, we focus our development efforts on these aspects.

    Our areas of expertise are listed below. Since we do not follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach, each subject is suitably adapted for the particular assignment and situation.

    Behaviour training themes:

  1. Relationship Management: Management of inter-personal relationships
  2. Stress Management: Management of stress caused by work-related risks, time-pressure and responsibilities
  3. Impression Management: Management of the outer aspects of behaviour at work including social manners & etiquette, personal hygiene and body language
  4. Time Management: Effective and efficient utilization of time as a scarce resource
  5. Tolerance to cultural diversity: Appreciation of different nation-centric cultures for improved inter-personal and social relations
  6. Communication Management & Negotiation: Effective communication as well as negotiation processes; includes enhancing English language skills and public speaking; Business Communication
  7. Team Management and Leadership: Participation and involvement in social groups and effective enactment of leadership roles

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