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Traditionally, behaviour training programs and for that matter, ALL training programs attempt to deliver an enjoyable experience to the participant. It is true that training programs have to be interesting in order to retain the attention of the participants but that alone does not reflect the degree of transformation that has happened or will happen to the participant.

The fact is that behaviour traits are primarily internal to the individual, are assimilated over many years and cannot be altered easily. That is why in the case of most traditional training programs, in spite of the initial euphoria, participants realize after some time that no significant change has happened to them or their lives.

The behaviour training programs by Transforminds are engineered to bring about a true transformation in the internal behaviour traits of the participants. This transformation later manifests into the external behaviour as well as other aspects of the participants’ lives. They acquire greater ability to produce the desired results with higher effectiveness and higher efficiency in dealing with tasks, problems, situations and people. This leads them to greater success and happiness in life.

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